Superior instrument designed for the long-term precision water level and
water temperature monitoring of both surface and ground water at:

• Rivers (stage-discharge computation using rating curve)
• Groundwater observation tubes and wells
• Dams and Reservoirs
• Lakes
• Springs (veir stage-discharge equation)
• Another locations for scientific studies and flood analysis


• The submersible datalogger with the precise sensors, all stainless steel construction
• Easy to install and operate
• Minimal maintenance
• The special type of connector protection prevents MARS4i from
high water damage. The data can be read out when the water drops
down below the connector level.
• uspension clamp holder
• The professional data evaluation and application software
(including graphical data presentation, zooming, yearly tables, etc.)
for Windows OS
• The light portable Data Reading and Operating Unit with
graphical LCD allows in an easy way the in-situ alternation of
MARS4i parameters, such as water level and temperature, time/date,
battery voltage and all measured values in graphical and digital form
• Fast transfer of all data from portable unit into PC