Dataloggers MARS

Dataloggers MARS

Dataloggers MARS with data and voice transmission is designed for
the early flood warning and forecasting systems located at:

• Rivers (stage-discharge computation using rating curve)
• Groundwater observation tubes and wells
• Dams and Reservoirs
• Lakes
• Springs (veir stage-discharge equation)
• Another locations for scientific studies and flood analysis

Datalogger MARS can automatically measure, record to the memory and
transmit data:

• water level
• discharge
• water temperature
• air temperature
• precipitation (quantity and intensity)

Datalogger MARS is battery powered and does not require mains power
supply ~ 220V. Basic Functions:

• recording of data into internal memory at programmable time
• automatic and manual readout of data at programmable time
intervals via GSM, 3G, 4G or via satellite.

Live data from dataloggers MARS (Slovakia rivers).