BlueIR, Universal Remote Control for ANDROID

BlueIR, Universal Remote Control for ANDROID





With BlueIR you can use your phone to control home equipement such as TV, DVD, SAT, etc… It can be used for most devices that understand infrared (IR) remote control signals (TV, DVD, VCR, AUDIO, SAT, CD,….). The BlueIR consists of two parts, hardware part (BlueIR device) and a software part (Android application).


What you need?

  • Android phone or tablet (OS 2.1 or higher)
  • BlueIR device (you can buy one from this webpage)
  • Free BlueIR application (you can download it from Android market or from this webpage)


Basic information:

  • About 1000 predefined most used remotes (TV, DVD, SAT, Cable, Audio….)
  • You can add 100 remotes control to your mobile.
  • Create own remotes (Learn functions)
  • Take photo of your remotes with phone and use it
  • Build-in rechargable battery
  • Very low power consumption: for about one month in waiting mode – user can connect and operate BlueIR without turning it ON/OFF, or about two years when user turns ON/OFF BlueIR manually
  • charging with standard phone charger (micro USB)
  • BlueIR can be carried on keys and used at many places (home, weekend house, etc…)
  • If you cannot find your keys and you have BlueIR attached on it, your keys can be found with phone -> BlueIR has built-in buzzer and start beeping on request. (QuickSeeker function)
  • Block other remotes in room on request. (for example if this function is activated children’s cannot change channels or volume on TV with other remotes, only BlueIR remote can)
  • weight onlly 21 g (0.74 oz) including battery
  • dimensions: 32mm x 50mm x 13 mm (WxLxH), (1.26in x 1.97in x 0.51in)
  • made in EU
  • Voice recognition feature. Control TV, DVD, SAT, etc… using voice commands. You can select from most used languages (English, Spanish, France, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, German, Japanese, etc.).
  • new! MACRO function


ANDROID device minimal requirements:

  • Android device (Smartphone, Tablet) with Bluetooth
  • OS version 2.1 or higher

You can download BlueIR application from Google Play or from this website


For more details see BlueIR user guide:

Youtube video